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About Us

The Hygiene Bank Ireland was founded by three women, Rosie McDonagh, Ciára Dalton and Sorcha Killian. They were united by the principle that hygiene poverty simply should not exist in Ireland. Charities were supporting their clients with food hampers and often received requests for toiletries, but these weren’t items they had on hand. In late 2019, naming ourselves The Hygiene Bank Dublin, and with the support of an organisation in the UK, we started collecting hygiene products from friends, family and via drop-off points in local businesses, delivering these items to homeless organisations, women’s refuges and food banks.

In late 2019, The Hygiene Bank Dublin made its first donation of 30kg of products to a homeless charity in inner-city Dublin. By early 2022, The Hygiene Bank Ireland had donated over 30,000kg of products all over Ireland. Ciára, Rosie and Sorcha have grown what was a local community group of 3 people who wanted to make a difference, into a national charity of more than 50 volunteers across 7 counties - all whilst working and studying full time.

Be resourceful, Pursue simplicity, Invest in community, Champion kindness, Promote inclusiveness

Our Mission

Our Mission

To bring communities, businesses and thought leaders together to tackle hygiene poverty by giving access to products and being a voice for change

Volunteers sorting hygiene products
One of our drop off point boxes

Our Vision

That one day everyone living in Ireland will have access to essential hygiene products

What Is Hygiene Poverty?


It is parents being unable to change a baby's nappy as often as needed or reusing dirty nappies.


It is not being able to replace a toothbrush or one family sharing a toothbrush because one each isn't an option.

body wash

It is washing hair, bodies, faces and clothes in the same washing-up liquid used for the dishes.

washing powder

It is not being able to wash clothes, uniforms and sports kits when needed.

 The Stats 


of people have had to cut back or go without hygiene items or cleaning products


of people prioritised other spending over hygiene items or cleaning products


people were at risk of poverty in 2019. In many cases despite having a job


of people experience 2 or more types of deprivation. For those on low incomes, this becomes 42.7%

Meet The Team

The Hygiene Bank Ireland is made up solely of volunteers who are passionate about tackling hygiene poverty. Everyone who supports The Hygiene Bank Ireland with their time, does so working around jobs, families and other commitments. We are truly grateful for the support of our volunteers.

Our Head Office

Our Board

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