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We have been granted funding by The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission to research hygiene poverty in Ireland. Hygiene poverty or hygiene insecurity is a seldom known form of poverty, affecting greater proportions of the population than the current CSO definition of poverty and current deprivation indicators capture.

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IHREC Research Tender

Our project aims to increase awareness and understanding of hygiene poverty, allowing us to advance greater economic equality. With a better understanding of hygiene poverty contextualised with other forms of poverty, our long-term goal is to influence the definition of poverty to account for hygiene poverty and ensure that ‘the inability to afford hygiene items’ is included as a deprivation indicator.

We aim to partner with a researcher to conduct initial qualitative and quantitative research into the prevalence of hygiene poverty, factors that lead to hygiene poverty, and the impact of hygiene poverty. THBI will use this evidence and data to underpin our awareness-raising work and our campaign to tackle hygiene poverty by influencing the conversation on poverty and the living wage more generally.

If you are interested in applying you can do so via the instructions in the tender document or if you wish to learn more about the project please reach out here.

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